Facebook Band Page In 3 Easy Steps

Add Music and more
Add music files, videos, photo gallery pics, bio about your band, social network links and more.
Choose Theme
Choose from multiple themes and customize the look to make your music page stand out.
Publish To Facebook
Easily publish your Facebook band page as a Facebook tab and share with your fans.
Get Started creating facebook music pages
If you are a band looking to extend your reach to your fans, it is crucial you setup Facebook music pages. Facebook pages capture the attention of more than 20 million people every day which is why if you are a musician you need a Facebook Band Page that showcases your music, videos and more.

Facebook Music Page Benefits

Facebook Band Page - Create Facebook Music Pages
  • Facebook Band Page Do-It-Yourself Designer
    Choose from several Facebook Music Page designs and customize the look to make your page stand out.
  • Add Music, Video, Pictures
    Impress your fans by adding a video, music clips, photos, bio, links and more to keep your fans updated.
  • Update At Anytime
    You can edit your Facebook band page at anytime. Change templates, music and anything else you need to.
  • Track Activity on Your Page
    Don't fly blind! Easily track your opens and clicks on your Facebook page with our activity tracking reports.

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