Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use FaceItPages?
    If you are a business, brand, organization, blogger, freelancer, or entrepreneur, then you can definitely benefit from our apps! Easily create and publish your pages on the web, social networks, mobile and more. Tap into the more than 20 million people connecting with Pages every day, it is a great way to promote your brand and connect with your audience.
  • How do I create a Fan Page design using FaceItPages?
    Once you set up an account, you will be guided through a simple step-by-step process to create your Fan Page design. We make it really easy and it takes less than 10 minutes. You can view detailed instructions from here.
  • How much does FaceItPages cost?
    Our monthly packages with premier features start at just $29 and we offer 30% to 50% for annual subscriptions. Please visit our pricing page for more details.
  • Can I setup my page to show different content to fans vs non fans?
    Yes absolutely! We offer a "fan gate" module that allows you to setup an image and content that will display for people who have not yet liked your page. Your fans who have liked your page will be presented with your full page design and content. Click here to read more about this feature.
  • How do I add the page I created on FaceItPages to Facebook?
    We make it really easy for you to add your design to your Facebook page. After your page is created, you simply click on an install button and our system will automatically install your design on the Facebook page you choose.
  • How do I make your page my default landing tab on Facebook?
    Facebook got rid of the option to set a default landing tab with the release of the Timeline. Read our Timeline default landing tab alternatives article to learn of a few other methods you can use to make up for the loss of a default landing tab.
  • How do I change the tab name of the installed page tab?
    You can easily change the tab name after it is installed to Facebook. Please click here to see a tutorial on how to change your tab name.
  • Can I edit my FaceItPage design after I create it?
    Sure! We save all of your Fan Page designs in your member account. You can login at anytime to make changes to your designs, including template changes, content, photos, etc.
  • Do you provide tracking reports for my FaceItPage?
    Definitely, this is one of the most valuable features of your FaceItPage. For all subscribed accounts, we provide activity reports that show views to your Page tab(s), links clicked on your Page tab(s), email leads received from your Page tab(s) and we offer more premier reports for upgraded options. All of this information is available when you log in to your member account.
  • Why should I get my Fan Page design at FaceItPages?
    Glad you asked! The Fan Page designs from FaceItPages look great, take minutes to create, and cost hundreds less than hiring a designer or company to create a custom design for you. Since you can edit your design as often as you want, there is no upfront back-and-forth design process and no follow-up modification fees. Plus, we provide Page analytics and over 20 Facebook Timeline Applications you can add to your page.
  • Can I resell your services?
    Yes you can! We offer an affiliate program and a white label reseller program. Our affiliate program pays a 20% commission and with our white label program we charge you as little as $1.50 per page and you are able to mark that price up however you see fit for your customers.
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  • Can you create a custom Facebook Fan Page design for me?
    Our core service is the do-it-yourself Fan Page design tool, but we have partnered with other Facebook Fan Page designers. Contact us with your requirements and we will put you in touch with a qualified designer.