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Get More Fans - Promote Your Facebook Page

promote facebook pageCreating a Facebook Business Page is only the first step. If you don't have any targeted fans or engagement from your fans, your page will not perform well. Our +Promote feature helps you gain "targeted likes" to your Facebook page. With targeted fans you have a much better chance of turning your likes into leads. The more targeted fans you have, the better chance those fans will engage with your page which will also help your Facebook Page Edgerank.

promote a facebook page

How Do We Promote Your Facebook Page?

We "do not" use mass invite methods or robots. We promote Facebook pages using Facebook ads that are targeted around your market and ideal customer. We know how to setup targeted, low cost, high converting Facebook ads that produce at least an 80% click to like conversion and convert likes into leads. We strongly believe in quality of fans rather than quantity. It is our goal to obtain you fans that will engage with your brand and ultimately turn into customers.